Pure - Jennifer L. Armentrout After reading Daimon and Half-Blood I was seriously pining to read Pure, and OMG it did not disappoint at all!! I absolutely loved this book!! Anything I say can not possibly even come close to how I feel about this book. I already really loved the characters, but I love them so much more now. We get to know them a little better. There is all sorts of crazy stuff going on in this one too. There is plenty of action, twists, and steamy swoon worthy moments. I was so captured and pulled in by this book. It took a hold of me and would not let go until the very last page and left me with an aching need for Deity!!Alex now knows that she is the other half to Seth, which I have to say is pretty entertaining. She is still coming to terms with the situation that happened with her mother, and trying to adjust to the reality of what her life has become. She is also trying maybe not so hard to fight the attraction she has to Aiden, who is totally off limits since he is a Pure. She's even stronger and tougher this time around, but she gets very emotionally overwhelmed in this book too. She has to go and find out her fate before the council, and also try to keep up with her training, deal with the ever annoying (in a completely hot and entertaining way) Seth, and try to keep her feelings and emotions about Aiden in check.Okay so now to the boys. I absolutely love Aiden. How can I not! He is super sweet and really tries to do the right thing as much as he can. Some of the things he says and does literally had me melting inside, but then he would infuriate me. I totally understand why he does the things he does though and it makes me love him that much more. He never fails to shock me though. That's all I will say there. As much as he made me mad at some points, he completely redeemed himself by the end of the book. I know I am being very vague here, but I don't want to give anything away. Then there is Seth. Oh, Seth! You have made me love you too!! Seth is very much like Alex. He is sarcastic and doesn't really like to listen well. He can be impulsive and fun, and says what he is thinking, even if it's not the nicest thing or what people want to hear. He is very full of himself, but dude, if you were the Apollyon and super hot, you would be too. There is a lot more to Seth than we originally thought though, and I see him in a whole new light. I honestly can't wait for more Seth in Deity!! He has a hold on my heart now, which I didn't really see happening. It was a pleasant surprise for me to really love Seth.The interactions between Alex and Seth were awesome!! Most of the time super hilarious laughing out loud awesome! I love how they just really want to stab each other in the head and it's okay. They frustrate each other, but they also really do need each other. They can feel what the other is feeling, so they can also to an extent help each other. More than a few times I was cracking up at them together, but they also have some very touching and not wanting to kill each other moments. As they spend more time together, their bodies respond more to each other too.I feel like I haven't really said much that makes any sense in this review so far, but I really am having a hard time explaining my love for it in a non-spoilery way. This book had my emotions all over the place. I laughed and cried, wanted to hit people, and got nervous and tense at times. This book is everything that a great books should be and more! Jennifer L Armentrout is just amazing and has completely won me over! I feel like there is a hole in my chest, a void that needs to be filled by Deity!! I need to know what happens next!!