As The World Dies Untold Tales Volume 2 - Rhiannon Frater As with the first volume of Untold Tales this one has three more stories to tell. These ones are just as addictive and interesting as the ones in the first volume, and I couldn't stop reading. Rhiannon has gone so in depth with developing the various characters and it's just amazing. The way she writes, you really feel a connection to each and every one of them.The first story in this volume is Katarina's story which it called Revelation. This was the only one of the stories where the character is not trying to get to Ashley Oaks, but starts out there. Everything starts off pretty normal for her. She is at her job at the cafe, fending off a super creepy dude who is a regular. Normally she wouldn't have to deal with him, but one of the other employees has the day off. She normally will take his orders so Katarina doesn't have to deal with him. I really feel bad for Katarina learning a bit about her life, which I won't go into details. Her day takes a turn when an injured man comes into the cafe. He ends up turning all crazy zombie, and Katarina's survival instincts kick in. She goes all tough chick and it pretty much rocks. She knows she needs to get out of there and go home to find her mother. As she ventures out she sees there are zombies everywhere. Will she be able to make it to safety?The next story is The Unknowns Story called A Terrible Moment. We do find out what the people's names are in the story, but I will leave them out since it is called the unknowns. This one takes place in an orange juice factory. The woman is there with her soon to be ex- husband, his secretary, the plant manager, their twin boys, and baby girl. There are bars on the windows, and they are relatively safe inside. The wife is a bit psycho though and is convinced that her hubs is sleeping with the secretary. I didn't like the wife at all. I thought she was crazy and selfish. She is so wrapped around her feelings that she doesn't even know how neglectful she has been to her kids, and doesn't care about anything but hurting her husband and the secretary. She is awful to be around and honestly I would have friggin drop kicked her in the head rather than listen to her. Her husband and the plant manager are trying to formulate a plan to get out of there and get somewhere a bit safer. Some unfortunate circumstances make the zombie contamination get inside the safety of the factory. This one had me so angry I can't even explain!! Does anyone manage to escape?The final story in the book is Lenore and Ken's story, Friendship in the Time of Zombies. This story is equally scary and touching. Ken and Lenore work together in a beauty shop. Ken actually owns it. The poor guys boyfriend left him to run off with some other guy after Ken had moved out there with him. Lenore and him are really close. They are at work when the zombies invade their town. They manage to hole up in the upstairs for a while, but they know they will have to get out of there somehow. Mr Cloy the man who owns the hardware store next door helps them escape the building. Lenore goes home to find her gram so they can all get away and try to find somewhere safe. They end up taking a neighbors RV and hiding out for a while until the zombies have finally gotten to where they have hidden. Their fight for survival and the lengths they have to go are amazing. I loved getting to know them. I think they are both really fantastic characters and I was gripping my nook hoping for the best for them. I had a tight knot in my stomach at every close call. Do they escape the zombies? I have enjoyed getting to know all of these characters in both this volume and the first one. Now I really have to read the As The World Dies series. I love the depth of the characters and how you notice their stories tying together. This is a must read!