Pandemonium  - Lauren Oliver After reading Delirium I was totally broken and couldn't wait to see what happened next. I was dying to read Pandemonium and see what happens to Lena, how she deals, if she is okay. It goes back and forth from then to now which is pretty neat. I was surprised to find that I was way more interested in the now. Every time it would go back to the past, I wanted to read faster to get back to what is currently happening. This book was a pool of emotions for me. Some parts are intense, some funny, others really sweet, and oh, the heartbreak!! Lauren Oliver knows how to rip your heart out, then patch it up and shove it back in, only to tear you apart again. After finishing this book I wanted to curl up into a little ball and just sob uncontrollably in a corner. I will say that I kind of expected that ending, but I didn't expect all the other emotions I developed through the book that would break me like that at the end.Lena has changed. Of course we expected that. I actually liked the new Lena, though I think she was a bit on the intense side. I can understand though. She has no clue how to adjust to her new situation and she is suffering heart break. I loved her determination when she finally snapped out of her misery. She still definitely carries it with her, but it makes her stronger. I enjoyed her in the present seeing how smart and perceptive she has gotten. She is still brave too, I actually think much more because she has to be.Now in New York working as part of the Resistance, Lena is on a mission. The only thing is, she doesn't know exactly what. She is given vague orders on what she needs to do, but doesn't know why or what it's all for. Things go pretty downhill for her for a while, but she is a fighter and somehow gets through it all. I liked the new characters, and how Lena was adapting and working in the new environment. There is a lot going on, and I can't really say much about it, but my goodness...I just, words really fail me. This book moves at a much faster pace than Delirium did and makes you need to keep reading. It is a completely different world than we saw in the first book and everything has changed. Just when you think that Lena may catch a break, BOOM something else happens. I ached for her, my emotions were running wild, I was flipping pages furiously needing to get through the book. I was also terrified to finish. I knew something big was coming at the end, that would leave me a complete mess. For days after I could not pull myself together. I just feel so torn!! My heart is ripped in half. I loved this more than Delirium and I am already going crazy needing Requiem right now! The ending is a major, major cliffhanger!! I didn't think a cliffhanger could be more of a killer than in Delirium, but man was I wrong!!