Tempest - Julie Cross This book was just amazing!! I loved listening to it. The reader did a great job with the different characters, and it was easy to tell who was talking when. Julie Cross did a great job at making the characters easy to connect with and the story completely intriguing. I love the idea of time travel, and it is really hard to do it where it makes sense. I think this was done really well, and I didn't find myself confused at all. I also love the the MC is a male. We are seeing it more in YA, but it's still not that common. I have really started to enjoy them. Jackson was very easy to connect with. I don't know if it was because listening to it makes it easier to hear emotion or if I would have connected just as easily actually reading the book, but either way, I really felt what he was feeling throughout the book. I thought that he definitely acted his age too, and I loved the growth that he had. He makes plenty of mistakes, but it makes him seem more real that way. He really starts to grasp what things are important and what's not, and knows he needs to see the bigger picture.The secondary characters are just as amazing too. I loved getting to know each and every one of them. Adam is smart and a great friend. He is very trusting and is overall just a great guy. I really feel bad for him with some of the things he has to go through, but he remains loyal no matter what. Holly is sweet and funny. You can totally see why Jackson likes her. It's really neat to see how different the past Holly is from the present Holly too. It's amazing the difference those two years make. I mean she's still the same person, but how she acts and thinks is different. I loved how Jackson starts to realize how deep his feelings are for Holly and how he matures. There are a lot of twists and turns and plenty of action in this story. I found myself lost in the story and would completely just tune out the world around me while listening to this book. I would actually dream about it when I would go to sleep. It is still in my head. This is one of those books that really makes you think and stays with you long after finishing it. It's not all just action and time travel though. I loved the romance and the friendships too. This book had me tense for the majority of the story, and had me crying at others. I won't deny it, I cried a few times while listening to it. And OMG the way it ends *sob*...I need the next one. 4.5 out of 5 stars.