As the World Dies: Untold Tales Volume 1 - Rhiannon Frater I have a few blogger friends who absolutely swear that I need to read the As The World Dies series. After reading this I am totally going to. This book goes into the stories of some of the characters in the series, who as the title states, stories are untold. I have gotten to know some of the characters through their own stories and I need read more about everything having to do with this series. Rhiannon Frater sure knows how to do the whole zombie thing. It's intense, creepy, and totally addictive. She grabs a hold of you and pulls you right in. Each of the three stories in this book are amazing and really makes you feel how they are feeling. The first story is Lydia's story called Broken Heart. Lydia and her wife Kate are getting ready for work and going about their normal morning routine. They are a bit bothered by the news about the riots, but don't really think about it. You can tell how much they love each other and it's really sweet. Their neighbor has been infected and Lydia sees first hand what is happening, and it's not just riots. The final pages of this story were very intense. The next story in the book is Monica's story called Dangerous Highways. I will start off my saying that I freaking love Monica! She is totally badass, and super brave. She has a huge friggin monster truck (which works great for running over zombies) and she has a gun. The story starts with her syphoning gas from an abandoned vehicle that has been crashed. There are crazy psycho zombie children in the back of it, but she is getting her gas and then she's back on the road. Well apparently there was a survivor out of the vehicle and he is one scared mo-fo. I mean to the point that he is absolutely in a panic and doesn't even want help. He's friggin nuts after watching his family all get zombiefied. I won't tell you what happens, but I will say I need to read The First Days (book 1 in the As The World Dies series) because I want to learn more about this chick for sure!!The last story in the book, and also the longest is Eric's story called The Vacation of the Undead. Eric is a pretty wealthy average guy who has a super hot model girlfriend. She is superficial, snobby, spoiled, and just really unlikable. I just want to smack him for even being with her. So they are on a vacation at a bed and breakfast because Brandy feels neglected. She wants his full attention, no phone, no Internet, no TV, nothing. He happens to catch a bit of the news when he is at the front desk and hears about the "riots" he is a little unsettled about it, but tries to shrug it off to make Brandy happy. She is already pissed that he happened to watch some TV for a minute. *rolls eyes* She ends up on the phone one night and finds out that her sister is in the hospital because she got hurt during the riots. We all know obviously she is going to be zombiefied right? She ends up leaving to go to her sister, leaving Eric behind. Eric and his little dog Pepe find out about the Zombies and decide to hole up at the bed and breakfast. There is some food, and a gun so they have protection. They have an escape plan in place in case they need it. All goes well for a while, but of course the zombies make it there. He goes on the run with some new allies and they try to make it to a fort they heard about. This story is truly intense reading about their close calls and how they are trying to survive. Will they make it to the fort and escape the zombies? I'll never tell. These stories, while all very different, are all about trying to survive. The zombies are gruesome and creepy, and the people need to learn to be tough if they want to live. There is no gloss over on this. It is graphic and awesome! You want a good zombie book, this is it. It's jut some of the untold stories of the characters, but I now know I have to read the As The World Dies series. I have had a taste of Rhiannon's work and need more now. 5 out of 5 stars!!