The Goddess Test - Aimee Carter I'm a sucker for Greek Mythology. I knew I had to read this book. I loved the writing, the story, and the characters. It kept me intrigued from beginning to end. It was a good steady paced book. It's sweet and romantic and there are a few unsuspecting things it throws at you. I can't really say that a lot of it surprised me, but I like how it was done.Kate is new in this town, and ends up making a deal with Henry. I really liked getting to know her. She cares so much about others, and will risk anything to save them. She really feels like without her mother there is nothing for her. She doesn't really know who she is. It's great to see her discovering herself throughout the book. She is under a lot of pressure, but she stays strong and she really matures. Henry is just dreamy. I mean of course, he's a Greek God right? But besides that, as we get to know him, it's impossible to not fall in love with him. He seems to be really hot and cold, but there is a lot on the line for him. This is his last chance and he has put all of his faith in Kate, and completely believes in her, even if he doesn't believe in himself. He really shows so much compassion for her and tries to make sure she is perfectly happy.Watching Kate and Henry get to know each other is like a treat. It's so honest and natural to me. She knows why she is there, and she has no expectations. The only thing she knows is that she refuses to fail Henry, and she will do everything to make sure that doesn't happen. There are some tense moments, and some heart melting moments. I absolutely adored their budding romance. This book was so wonderful, and I really liked the idea of the tests for Kate to pass to see if she is worthy of becoming a goddess. It's great how she has no clue when she is being tested either. I liked the mystery aspect of trying to figure out who the gods are too, and other things. I had a few things figured out early on, but it was still fantastic. Also there is a guide in the back that tells you who each god and goddess is which is super cool. I love the non cliffhanger ending this book had too. I am really looking forward to Goddess Interrupted, but it wasn't an ending that leaves you wanting to rip out your hair.