Lips Touch: Three Times - Laini Taylor, Cassandra Campbell Going into this book, I knew it was going to be heavy on fantasy. I like fantasy, but sometimes it's too much. Laini Taylor does a fantastic job with the fantasy in this, but still makes it seem believable. This book (or audio book which is what I have) is three completely different stories, that all lead up to a kiss. Each story is told so beautifully, and the detail is just incredible. I almost want to read the actual book so I can really absorb it better, but this is one of the best audio books I have ever listened to and I highly recommend it. It keeps you completely engaged and you need to know where each story is going. The narrator is amazing. She really does each voice uniquely, with different accents, and deeper voices. It's easy to be pulled into each story.Goblin Fruit was my least favorite of all of them, but it was still really great. I won't even try to get the characters names right, since I listened to it and didn't read it. The main character is a girl who is pretty much an outcast. She is exactly the type of girl the goblins want. She isn't skinny and gorgeous, she doesn't hang out with the cool people, and her family is really weird. The goblins know exactly what to do to get her. This one is a quick story, but still very interesting.Spicy Little Curses was really great. Annamique (I don't know if that's the spelling since I didn't see it written down) is a beautiful girl, who has the most devastatingly beautiful voice, literally. She was cursed so her voice will kill anyone who hears it. Even as a baby she somehow knew to never make a sound. She has never even tried to test her voice on ants in the yard. This is a very suspenseful story to see if she will test the curse that her true love does not believe is real. This story was both touching and heartbreaking!Hatchling, the last and in my opinion best out of the three was full of fantasy. They all are, but this one I think the most. This one is about creatures called Druj. This story has love, heartbreak, and shape shifters. This story was quite intense and I have to say a little confusing, but I eventually understood things. I don't think I would have been confused if I had been reading it. This one had a very surprising outcome.Overall I really enjoyed this audio book. The stories were just so amazing and creative, and the details, and voice really keep you sucked right in. If you are looking for a great audio book with a lot of fantasy, this is definitely the one for you. There is some profanity, and sexual references, so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone younger than maybe 14. Laini Taylor is very creative and talented. This book was fantastic.