The Night She Disappeared - April Henry Going into this book I thought there would be a lot of mystery, and suspense. It did have suspense, but as far as the mystery goes, it was lacking. This book is done in multiple PoV's so you are getting a wide range of the story, and what is going on. I am the type of person who enjoys books with different PoV's normally, but I think this one made things a little repetitive. I understand that the author was trying to give us more depth into the relationships and events happening, but there was a lot of overlapping that I didn't find necessary. Also we get a glimpse into police reports, 9-1-1 calls, and other things which is kind of neat. It was a good story and I liked the characters for the most part, I just didn't really feel a connection with them, which could be due to the multiple PoV's. I don't think we get enough time with them to really have that connection.Gabie and Drew are really the main characters. Gabie is the one who was supposed to be taken, and Drew was the one working with Kayla the night she was kidnapped, so we get a lot more of them than anyone else in the story. I like Gabie. She doesn't really have any stand out qualities, if anything she is a little too trusting, and somewhat shy. She works at the pizza place more so she doesn't have to be at home. She doesn't really need the job, both of her parents are surgeons. They are gone a lot though, so the house is empty and lonely. Drew is really likable too. He is really the opposite of Gabie when it comes to his family life. His mother isn't around much either, but that's because she has some issues. Drew needs to work because his mom can't support them very well. There is a bit of a romance in this story, but it felt really forced. I was so irritated with the characters that it was hard for me to really want them together. I kept thinking to myself. "OMG why are they being so stupid?" Since we get to read a lot of things through both Gabie and Drew's PoV's it helps us to understand why they both think the thing they do, but in real life, I totally would have thrown things at them or something. It's so back and forth with them and then there's the whole trying to find Kayla thing. Of course everyone thinks she's dead except for Gabie which puts a lot more stress on her. Overall I enjoyed this book. It kept me interested enough that wanted to keep reading until I was done, but I wasn't completely taken in by it the way I like to be when I am reading. It was just me reading a book and enjoying it, not me feeling like I am part of it or connecting to it. It isn't very long so it is a fast read. There was a good amount of suspense and some decent action scenes. I wish there had been a little more mystery to it, but it was still a great book.