Fracture (Fracture, #1) - Megan Miranda When I first read the synopsis I knew this was a book I really wanted to read. It sounded really interesting and creepy. It was much different than I thought. There really isn't much of a paranormal element to the story. It's more of a dark contemporary than it is a paranormal story, which is fine, I just wasn't expecting that. The story was engaging, and I liked getting know the characters. Delaney is a likable character. I found myself really feeling bad for her at times. She is this miracle who shouldn't be there. She was dead. It shouldn't be possible that she's alive. She has a hard time with this new "ability" that she has. She knows when someone is going to die. She feels this pull towards them. Things are weird at home too. Her parents act strange towards her. On top of all of that, things are now complicated with her best friend Decker. Then there is Troy, who at first seems like he is a great person to be around since he has the same strange mind pull that Delaney has. Turns out that his brain is a bit more messed up than Delaney's is, and his motives are not the same as hers at all. Decker is a great character. I really liked him. He is just overall a great guy that you can't help but adore. I mean, yes he does some things that aren't so nice guy like, but he is a teenage boy. No matter what, he is Delaney's best friend. Even when things get complicated between them. If she calls and needs him, he will be there.This was a great book. The story moved along pretty well. There was a lot of darker, and emotional parts to the story. It focuses a lot around family and friendships. If you want a good contemporary novel with a touch of paranormal element, this is the book for you. I really enjoyed it event though it wasn't quite what I was expecting. 3.5 out of 5 stars.