New Girl - Paige Harbison The synopsis for this book sounds really interesting and intriguing. I only wish the book had been the same. I enjoyed the book, but not as much as I wanted to. I thought that the pacing was slow, and the story was lacking. It was an interesting story, I just thought that it needed more. I liked how the story went back and forth between Becca's story the previous year, before she disappeared, and the "new girl" when she comes to Manderley. I really wished we could have really gotten to know the characters a little more though. I felt like I was an outsider instead of feeling like I was really in their heads. I didn't like Becca at all. I mean I don't think we are supposed to, but she goes beyond the mean popular girl. She is beyond mean. She is pretty psycho. She is a troubled girl, and being mean and getting what she wants at any cost is her way of making herself feel good. The "new girl' is so different, but everyone thinks she wants to be Becca. She just wants to finish high school and go to college with her friends back home. She doesn't try to get people to like her or go out of her way for attention the way Becca did.The roommate Dana, is absolutely crazy. I found her annoying crazy though. I think that you are supposed to feel bad for her, but I really didn't. I thought she was just a nut job. She was horrible to the "new girl" right from the start. She never even tried to give her a chance because in her crazy head, she was angry that she was there and thought she wanted to replace Becca, even though "new girl" didn't know anything about her disappearance. Dana is upset because she thinks everyone just gave up and that Becca is coming back.Overall the book wasn't bad, but I got sick of hearing about Becca having sex constantly, or just being a complete psycho. Then on the 'new girl's" parts o the story I was getting tired of the oh, poor me. I guess that is just high school drama though. I just really wish there was a little more substance to the story. The way it all wrapped up at the end was pretty good, if not a little predictable. I think that people who like dramatic contemporaries, and don't mind strong language will enjoy this book. 3 out of 5 stars.