Never to Sleep - Rachel Vincent I will start off by saying how much I love the Soul Screamers series. It's like torture waiting for each book to come out. This novella takes place during If I Die and is from Sophie's PoV. Okay, so like most people, I was not a fan of Sophie. She is a stuck up, arrogant, egotistical girl who gets whatever she wants. She's horrible to Kaylee, and is just not really very likable on the surface. I have somewhat changed my mind about her. I still don't really like her that much, but I don't dislike her anymore.Somehow Sophie ends up in the Netherworld with the smokin' hot new guy named Luca, who happens to be a necromancer. She actually turns out to be pretty tough and resourceful. She doesn't want to die in this crazy world that is a layer of her high school, but with some super creepy stuff lurking around. She's determined to get back home somehow. She does use her knowledge of popularity to help her through some of it, which is quite entertaining.There is more to Sophie than we have previously thought. I am curious to know exactly what is going on with her and discover more about this new guy Luca, and what his motives are. He seems interesting, and for right now seems nice, but there are always twists that we never see coming. I am highly anticipating Before I Wake to see what kind of surprises Rachel Vincent has in store for us. This was a wonderful in between novella to give us a little more insight into the story.