Notes to Self - Avery Sawyer Right from the start this book had me pulled in. It starts with Robin and her friend Emily climbing up a ride at the amusement park at night. They fall and when Robin wakes up in the hospital, all she can think is, that there is something important she needs to remember. She has trouble remembering how to do even basic things, like showering. She starts writing notes to herself to try to find herself again.She has a lot of trouble once she goes back to school, but she feels like she needs to be there to see if it will help her remember. She is treated like a total outcast, and she feels alone. People are mean to her, pick on her, and blame her for what happened to Emily. No one cares that she fell too, because she is recovering, while Emily is in a coma. Certain things trigger memories from when she was younger, and we get to learn about her, and her friendships with Emily and other people. It's not that she has lost her memory, she just can't remember the accident. While she rediscovers herself, she also learns a lot more, and grows up a lot I think. She also finds out some things about her family and friends. I think it really makes her stronger, and look at things differently.The story flowed nice. A bit slow, but it was a great book, and I was completely engaged through the whole thing. I really wanted to know if she would remember what happened, and I really wanted to know too. We learn little bits about her life through the book, but don't discover what really happened that night until right at the end. It's really an emotional and touching story that was quite enjoyable.