Arson (Arson #1) - Estevan Vega I had heard about this book from some people on twitter, and actually bought it as a 2 in 1 edition with Airel by Aaron Patterson. The synopsis sounded interesting, and the cover caught my attention. This book was excellent and held me all the way until the end. The story started off slow, but by the end it was like going down that big drop on a rollercoaster. The writing was wonderful and engaging. I loved getting to know the different characters, and seeing how they are each broken in their own way.Arson is a very damaged character. He feels like a loner that doesn't fit in. He has been mentally punishing himself his whole life for something that he can't help. He thinks he is a monster. When Emery and her family move in next door it changes how he feels about things. She wants to get to know him, and be around him. He finds that he really wants to get to know her too and can't stop thinking about her. She has lived an isolated life too, and feels that Arson is different then other people. Worth getting to know, and trusting to be a friend. I loved how the story developed between them. It wasn't rushed like in so many other books. Because they both have their own personal issues, they do run into their problems which makes it seem more realistic.This book was great. It is a dark story that deals with a lot of real issues, but the story is so wonderful. It deals with the struggles that real people have, both teenagers and adults, like insecurities and family issues. I thought that this book was creative while still seeming very real. It ended with a cliffhanger that leaves you wanting the next book. I am glad that it is already out so I can dive right into it. I will be picking up Ashes immediately