The Iron Daughter  - Julie Kagawa I will make this short and sweet. Being that it's a series I am worried about giving anything away. I loved this book. It was full of a lot of action, romance and humor. I love the characters, and can't get enough them. I tend to really like books that are series because I always want to know more and find out what happens next. This book had a lot of twists and turns to it, and continued on with a wonderful story that kept me sucked right in. I felt like I couldn't read fast enough. I really liked Meghan in the first book, and I really like her a lot more in this one. She is a bad ass. Even with her powers sealed off she still wants to jump right in and save the world. Not that she isn't scared she just knows she has to be tough. She's not one to stand down or be told what to do. She has grown much stronger in this book too. While dealing with all sorts of emotions, she still knows they need to save the Nevernever and stop the war between Winter and Summer.It is not only the Nevernever that is at risk either. The mortal world is also in danger. With the balance thrown off, and the faery world about to go to war, Meghan must rush to try to restore order. With the help of an unexpected ally she sets off to do what must be done. There are many obstacles she must face and some setbacks, but she never gives up.I was so wrapped up in this book, and the fast pace through it made it almost impossible to put down. There were many surprises in this book, and a lot of emotional parts. I am enjoying this series very much and am going to jump right into The Iron Queen. I rate this 5 out of 5 stars.