Dearly, Departed - Lia Habel This book was amazing. Lia Habel has written a beautiful story that is just so many different things mixed all into one. It was like a post-apocalyptic, zombie plague, Victorian (new Victorian), Romance, YA Thriller. How she manged to get all of these into the story, and have it work flawlessly is just incredible. The very beginning of this book drew me right in. I was a little confused at first, as it switches perspectives, but it all came together very quickly once I knew what was going on. I really enjoyed reading from the numerous perspectives. I especially liked Bram's. This story was full of action, drama, romance, and humor. It was all worked together very well, and I was just so wrapped up in it. Nora is a tough girl. She comes across as mature for her age. She is going to a fancy school, and is supposed to be learning to be a proper lady, but she always had an interest in things not so lady like. Her father and her would watch old war holos together. Her father had taught her how to shoot guns, and it comes in handy when she is fighting off bad zombies before she is rescued by Bram and the other good zombies. She wakes up at their base having no clue what is going on, but soon takes to Bram and opens up to him. Bram is one of the good zombies. They are part of a secret army that tries to eliminate the bad ones before they cause a problem or get the attention of the general public. No one can get through to Nora when she is first brought in, but he takes a nice slow approach and lets her control the situation. He tells her as much as he can, even knowing it will get him into trouble. He gains her trust and she becomes comfortable with him. He knows that he shouldn't like her, that it's wrong, but he can't help it. Reading this book was like watching an amazing movie inside my head. Seeing how everything unfolds, and comes together. I loved reading about the feelings that Nora and Bram get for each other in their own perspectives. I enjoyed Pam becoming her own person, and doing what she believes is right. This book had me constantly thinking about what was going to happen. When I wasn't reading I was thinking about it. I would wake up in the morning needing to read more, then I would stay up way too late just to try to finish. I wanted so much to know how everything would turn out. The characters were great, and Lia Habel really takes the time to let us get to know so many of them. It was a great story in so many ways. At some points it was almost hard to think of Bram and the others as zombies. They seemed so much more alive and real than a lot of the living. I will definitely be getting the next book when it comes out. I give this book 5 stars. It was really a great read.