The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer  - Michelle Hodkin This book is creepy, and intriguing. Mara wakes up in the hospital and finds out that there has been an accident and she is the only one out of her and her friends that survived. She remembers nothing about that night at all. She is diagnosed with PTSD and Mara and her family move away to Florida. Mara and her older brother Daniel start going to a private school. Her whole family keeps a close eye on her and treat her like she's fragile and will break at any moment, which could be true. She hallucinates about the asylum and her dead friends. This school is very different for her and she doesn't fit in. She becomes friends with Jamie. He is so down to earth and is non judgmental about her. He is a good friend that helps her study, and stands up for her. Strange things begin to happen to Mara, and she wants so badly to remember what happened the night at the asylum. She begins to have dreams that are memories from that night.Then comes Noah. He is the gorgeous boy with the bad reputation. He is intriguing, sexy and charming. The type of guy you know you shouldn't want, but you just can't help it. Arrogant, and refuses to give up on what he wants. There's much more to Noah than meets the eye, and he slowly lets Mara know who he really is. The more I got to know Noah, the more I loved his character. The slow developing relationship between Noah and Mara is funny, and sweet. Their interactions are very entertaining. From beginning to end this book was so wonderful. I couldn't put it down. Michelle Hodkin's amazing descriptions of everything, the nice steady flow and development of the story, and the questions you think have been answered only to wonder again. I almost felt like I might be going a little mental by the end of the book. From an opening letter to a shocker of an ending and everything in between, I was completely sucked in. This book left me blown away and speechless. It was an amazing psychological thrill ride that left my mind spinning and wanting more.