Enemy Within - Angeline Kace Well, I thought I loved the first one, but wow, this was awesome!! With the way the last book ended I had been dying for this book. I easily fell right back into the world. I thought the first book was full of surprises and action, but this one steps it up. The stakes are higher, and things are very personal. It makes for a really great journey and I was sucked right in.Brooke has to really discover herself in this. She has to decide between two boys who both have her heart, protect herself, try to figure out who to trust, and deal with her best friends illness. She goes through a lot in this book, but she really deals with it quite well. I always liked Brooke, but she really does grow a lot in this one. She starts to think more about the people around her and what they are all risking too. She had been so caught up in her little bubble, that it was refreshing to see her realize there is so much more going on than just her issues.Oh the boys!! Okay, so I am going to be vague here, but there was a love triangle in the first book. If you've read it you already know that, but if you haven't, rest assured that it's not a love triangle just for the sake of having one. It does make sense and I loved where it went in this. Yes, she does choose between them and I think that she did well at making the decision that was best for her. I love how protective both of them are for her, and she does care about them both, but she can only be with one.So, I know that this is a really short review, but I want to keep this spoiler free. Just know that this was amazing and it really continued the story well. There was a lot of tension, and things get pretty tough. There are a few twists and trust is tested as well as relationships between Brooke and the others. I have a lot of love for this series and I thought this sequel was really great! I love it when I love a second book better than the first and this sure did that. I will read anything that Angeline Kace writes. She is fantastic at sucking into the story and holding you there. *An advanced copy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any compensation.