Destruction (In Darkness We Must Abide, #7) - Rhiannon Frater Dude!! This serial is seriously freaking epic. As you get further into the story, you become more and more invested so it really hits you hard when things get intense. Now being quite far into this, I am having a hard time knowing what to say in my reviews!! Things are really getting intense now, and it's getting super scary. Aeron is not someone to be messed with and he is terrifying!!Vanora is still away at school, she has an apartment with Rhonda, and is dating Dave who is a nice guy. She finally is having a somewhat normal life. The only thing is her dreams are getting worse and she is in constant fear. She is afraid for everyone around her and also her family back home. When Armando comes back into the picture, I really love how strong she is. She really keeps a pretty clear head about things. When something really tragic happens though, she has no choice but to listen to what Armando is telling her.I can't really go into much more about this except to tell you that I did have tears in this one. The story is really taking it's toll on me at this point. Each episode is totally addictive and I need the next one the second I read the last sentence! Rhiannon Frater is a master at investing you into a story and making you really feel the whole atmosphere along with all the emotions! I need to know where this is going, but am also afraid of what will happen next. The suspense is killing me, but in a really good way!! I need more now!!*An advance copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any compensation.