Dire Warnings (In Darkness We Must Abide, #6) - Rhiannon Frater I loved season one so I was dying to start season two, and man did this one jump right back into things. Keeping with starting in the present time and then flashing back to past events, the story is really starting to come together. The story is continuing to get more interesting, and more intense. We are starting to learn more about the villain and he is creepy as hell!! I am scared of where the story is going and I really care about the characters now so it really makes it tense to read! This episode packed quite a punch and had my heart racing!!Vanora is now grown up, off to college and living with her best friend. We get to know more about her living situation, her visions, and how she's coping with her vampire family. Vanora discovers things about her mother and what really happened. She also gets a glimpse of Aeron and how dangerous he is. She knows that she isn't safe. She even decides to start dating and I can't wait to get to know Dan better!!I liked learning more about Vanora's life away from the mansion. Things seem to be going pretty well with Rhonda and she is living the life she never would have had back home. She can almost live a normal life. Rhonda is like her rock. She is the normal part of her life. Vanora is scared for Rhonda now that she knows that Aeron is a threat. She doesn't know that Armando is still watching over her.Armando is still protecting Vanora as much as he can, but will not let her see him. He isn't alone in it now though so it's harder to try to keep his feeling in check and keep his duties seeming like a job and not personal. He can't defy Aeron, but he can find ways around it.This episode got really epic and I am so freaking excited for episode 7!! OMG Aeron is one scary dude!! And there are now werewolves!!! I love that I get so much out of each short episode and it makes me almost ache for the next one!! This is one awesome serial that I can't get enough of and I can't wait to see where it's going. As much as I'm scared to see where it goes, I need it!!!