The Vampires (In Darkness We Must Abide, #5) - Rhiannon Frater This final episode of the first season totally blew me away!! I have now become incredibly invested in the story and all of the characters, so this one was quite a ride for me. This was fun, entertaining, sexy, terrifying, and also sad. Considering the length of these episodes, that's a lot of feels to go through in just one, but I did.Vanora has been away with family for the summer, and is excited to return home to her brother and sister. The first person to greet her is none other than Armando, who she hasn't seen since her birthday. Her crush on him hasn't gone away at all, and it's apparent he is attracted to her too. Roman is oblivious to it, but Alisha can see it clearly. Armando is acting weird and she knows that he likes Vanora. He decides to distance himself for a while.They throw a fabulous Halloween Ball and all the vampires come, including Armando. Things are going good, extremely well actually, until there is a major issue that arises. It was disturbing, terrifying, and had me literally tense and feeling anxious. That' wasn't the real power of this episode though, that was the end. OMG I was seriously falling apart over it. My heart was racing and aching at the same time. It left me feeling fear for some of the characters, and heartbreak for others. I am going to be so impatient waiting for season two of this serial. I need it now!!