The Gift (In Darkness We Must Abide, #4) - Rhiannon Frater *Actual rating is 4.5 on my blogIn this one, Vanora is getting ready to turn seventeen, and feeling more alone than ever. With all the new vampires always hanging around, and Roman trying to keep their interaction with her minimal, it really makes her long for the family time that she's used to having.It seems that the only one who is noticing how left out and alone Vanora feels is Armando, but we also learn a bit more about Armando which still leaves me with a lot of trust issues towards him. He seems to genuinely care about Vanora, but he isn't exactly truthful about his reasons for being around.Vanora celebrates her birthday away with her relatives and has a great time. It's good for her to be out and about, doing normal things with normal people, and not surrounded by vampires all the time. She did really miss her brother and sister though, and is happy to be go home to celebrate with them also. She needs to get used to being away from them though since she will be going off to college on her own. Along with that, her powers are strengthening. She discovers that she isn't sure whether she can trust Armando or not, no matter how she is starting to feel about him.*copy provided by author for an honest review