Death in the Shadows (In Darkness We Must Abide, #2) - Rhiannon Frater Just like a TV series, this picks up where the first episode left off. We get a little scene from present time Vanora (who is 20 years old) then it goes back to where the story left off. I love this style a lot since it really makes you get right back into it.The ending of Episode One was pretty terrifying and left goosebumps on my skin. This one starts off pretty intense too. From the present time clip, you can almost feel the urgency and desperation and then in the past, the situation at hand is pretty scary.Something absolutely horrifying has happened that is going to change things forever. Alisha and Vanora are still terrified of the vampire that has been trying to get in and have taken measures to ensure their safety, but unfortunately there is no escaping, short of leaving. The vampire is determined to make Alisha his vampire bride and will keep trying to get to her relentlessly.At the end of this episode, with the help of the staff, and their uncle, Roman is set on making sure family is safe. It will not be easy, but he will make it work. He is strong, and dedicated. Things are going to be much different for all of them, but he knows it can work if they all try hard. More than anything, he wants Vanora to be safe and will stop at nothing to make sure she won't be harmed.