Wither (Chemical Garden)

Wither (Chemical Garden) - Lauren DeStefano I had wanted to read this book for a while, but kept putting it off. It wasn't until all of the hype for Fever, the next book in the series, that I decided I finally needed to read it. It's quite an interesting book. I thought it was a bit slow, but the writing is fantastic. The whole idea of males taking multiple wives, and the girls (literally girls) getting pregnant at 13 yrs old was a little disturbing. With the situation in the book it makes sense though, and it is believable that that type of thing could happen if we all died at such young ages. Rhine is taken into the home of Linden and becomes one of his wives. She actually despises Linden since he has taken her away from her only family, but as she discovers secrets, she realizes that he may be a prisoner too. He is left in the dark about so many things, and really is kind of clueless. I really like her character. She is strong and is determined to leave that place and find her twin brother. She is also very nice and caring to all the other people around her.I liked the relationships that developed too. Rhine and the other sister wives really end up connecting, and I thought it was really touching some of the things they would do for each other, or the things they would say and talk about. There is still a lot of secrecy, but in general, they really all cared about each other. I loved the relationship between Rhine and Gabriel. He is so likable and sweet. It was nice that they developed a friendship, and then slowly fell for each other. I was really hoping it wouldn't be an insta-love thing, so I was happy about that. I honestly really did like Linden too. I really felt bad for him. He has no clue how messed up his father really is, or the things he has done. He truly cares about Rhine, and it really kind of broke my heart. It made me wish the situation was different. I still really adore Gabriel though, so I guess I am glad that things happened the way they did. This book moved along at a slow steady pace. I normally like a faster paced story, but this was a good lead up to the next book. I think that it was necessary to let you get to know Rhine well. I really did enjoy the book, I was disgusted by some of the things that happened, but I understand that it's "normal" for them. Whether it's right or wrong. I want to say that it was really emotional, but it wasn't. Some of the things that happened should have made me sad, but I was lacking a solid connection to the characters. I connected on some level, but it wasn't a deep connection. Hopefully I will feel that connection in the next book. I loved the ending, and I am looking forward to reading Fever to see where the story goes now. 3.5 out of 5 stars