Deity: The Third Covenant Novel

Deity - Jennifer L. Armentrout I will warn you right off that this may be a spazzy fan girl review!! This book was everything I wanted and expected and much, much, more!! I had ALL the feels. This book was a big freaking loopy, crazy, big drop, flip you around roller coaster of emotions!! Each book is better and more emotional than the last. I am so invested in the characters and the story and I feel like I am living this along with them. Alex is still very snarky, doesn't take crap from anyone, and doesn't know when to step back or keep her mouth shut. That's why I totally love this chick!! She is so very strong in more ways than I can count and the more things get thrown at her, the more she pushes back. The only things that are able to break her down are of course Aiden, and then her crazy bond with Seth. Even though she tries to fight that bond it's like an uncontrollable urge that she can't deny. With Aiden it's her love for him that will undo her in a second. He love also makes her want to fight harder and do better which is another thing that I love. The big focus in Deity is Alex coming up on her Awakening and becoming the other Apollyon, but there is also a lot of stuff going on surrounding the events that happened in Pure. On top of all of that, she doesn't know who she can trust, or who is hiding things from her. Oh boy are some major things revealed in this one, and we meet some of the Gods which at some points was funny and others frightening. This one also really focuses on Aiden and Alex. We know that Aiden will do whatever he can to protect her and make sure she is okay, and it seems like everywhere she turns in this book there is more and more trouble for her. I don't even want to go into the swoon moments because I won't be able to contain myself. There are also more funny moments than I can count too. And OMG Leon!! I just love him to pieces!! I mean I always really liked him, but after Deity I seriously LOVE him!! I am totally going all off topic here because my thoughts are just bouncing around my head. So back to the review. If you are a fan of the covenant series you need this book!! If you haven't read the books, you need to go out and get them. This book had me struggling with all of my emotions. I would be crying one minute, and burst into laughter the next. The intensity level of this book is off the charts too, not to mention chemistry. I wanted to climb inside this book and live it with the characters. (Yes, even the scary stuff) It was just so vivid and real that I could almost feel myself experiencing it!! This book had had the ability to shatter me and then put me back together just to do it all over again. It also leaves us with one hell of an ending that pretty much ensures you will most likely die of anticipation waiting for Apollyon. I'm stealing one of Alex's lines here, but if I could marry a book, I would so marry this one!!