Fang Girl

Fang Girl - This book was so fun!! It's so much more than a cheesy humorous vampire book. It has great characters and surprisingly a great plot too. The comedy aspect of it is just an added bonus. This book is laugh out loud funny and the characters are so easy to like!! I loved this book from the first chapter. We get thrown right into Jane's (Xanthe, but don't dare call her that) undead life and take a seriously adventurous journey with her to find out what the vampires really want with her. Jane is so entertaining. Before being turned into a vampire, she was obsessed with them, so she has a general idea of how things work when you are undead. She is still a fifteen year old girl though and she does act her age which I really like. She is insecure, unsure, but also very snarky and has the attitude of a girl her age. She is also very dedicated to her family and wants to make sure they are safe no matter what. Add in all of the other characters, like Ebon, Van, Hakon, and Lily and it definitely starts to get more difficult, but she won't give up. The cast of secondary characters is fantastic!! I seriously loved them, especially Jane's parents and brother. Her parents are very excepting of her new condition. Her mother goes into research mode and wants to try to find out as much as she can. Her twelve year old brother Zach is really obsessed with the Victorian era so he thinks that Jane being a vampire is the coolest thing ever. He takes a liking to Ebon since he has lived (well, unlived) through the Victorian times. Van was fun. He hates vampires with every fiber of his being and he is a vampire hunter. His interactions with Jane were really great!! I loved the bickering and the attitude they had towards each other. I absolutely loved this book. The fun fast-paced plot, the characters, and the humor. It all was weaved together perfectly to make a fantastic book. I find that most books that try to be funny don't really have a great storyline to them and end up being just another cheesy comedy book, but this hits the mark! It is cheesy, don't get me wrong, but I also really enjoyed the journey of trying to find out what the vampires want from Jane, and who is really the good guys and bad guys. If you are looking for an entertaining read that is more than just a lame attempt at comedy I highly recommend this book. 4 out of 5 stars