Starters - Lissa Price This book is really interesting and creepy. Not creepy like ghosts or zombies creepy, but like mind creepy!! I really enjoyed this book. I thought it was creative and it kept my interest. It's a tough world to live in. If you are a teen, or Starter as they are called, and have no grandparents to claim you, you have no rights. You either live on the streets or get caught and end up in the Institution. They are categorized into Friendlies and Unfriendlies. (There are also renegades, which I am assuming are just Unfriendlies, but it was never really explained.) There are Marshall's who take over the abandoned buildings and flush out the Friendlies who are staying in them and capture unclaimed teens to bring to the Institute. Old people, or Enders live really long lives, but they are old and bored. They want to be able to really live again. The Enders can rent the teen bodies so they can go out and enjoy life in a nice young and able body. Creepy right?!!! Well it gets a lot more creepy and interesting from there too. This book has a lot of twists and turns, and really kept me turning pages until the end. Callie as you know decides to become a body donor to get money so she can get a place for herself, her brother and Micheal to live. Her brother is in bad health and living on the streets is really not helping him. She only has to do a few rentals and she gets paid. Simple....yeah not so much. She ends up getting more than an old lady who wants to go out and have some fun. She is stuck not knowing what to do, or who to trust. She is smart and brave, and everything she does is to help her brother. I really liked her character. I could totally get in her head. (And not in the creepy way the Enders do) I was just as surprised at some of the things that happened as she was. I thought this book was exciting and definitely threw me for a loop a few times. The writing was good, though I do wish that it had been a little more descriptive in some places. There is a few things you kind of have to just put things together and guess at. The beginning was a bit slow at times, but the second half of the book more than makes up for it. There is a lot that is thrown at you in the second half. Not so much that it's overwhelming though. Overall I thought it was really great and I am looking forward to the next book in the series.