Wait for You (Wait for You, #1)

Wait for You  -  Jennifer L. Armentrout, J. Lynn This book was a fabulous emotional ride. It took all of my feelings and pulled at each one. I am a very character driven reader, and this book had me completely invested in the characters almost instantly. This was a typical New Adult book in the sense that the two main characters start to fall for each other, but something tears them apart and they need to find their happy ending, but it was so much more too. I always love when there are tough issues and the character really need to find themselves before they can really open up to each other. I loved that both Avery and Cam had their own secret pasts and were able to open up to each other.Avery is a super tough chick. She has not only been through a horrible thing, but then on top of that, her parents are awful and everyone turned against her. Going off to college far away from home is her new start. No one knows about her past, she can start over with new friends and hopefully put her past behind her and move on. Only her past still haunts her. She is getting mean text messages and voicemails, and her inbox is filling up with messages she refuses to read. She wants to be able to open up to Cam, but she is ashamed of her past. She doesn't want pity, and she doesn't want to seem weak. I loved how she was around Cam. He makes her feel safe, but she can't fully open up and trust him until she can learn to forgive herself. Not feel the shame of what happened to her.Cam is my new favorite book guy! He was so sweet and caring. He was charming and funny. And he was beyond patient. Him and Cam meet when she literally runs right into him on the first day of classes, then she seems to be everywhere he is after that. Including his apartment building. She happens to live across the hall. He really likes her and is determined to be with her. No matter how many times she keeps shooting him down (is she crazy) or pushing him away, he is always waiting for her. (see what I did there hehe) He just wants her to be able to trust him and not be afraid to let him in. He would never judge her. He just wants to be there for her and have her in his life.The relationship between Cam and Avery is just amazing. I loved how it wasn't insta-love. Yes, they are obviously super attracted to each other, but they form a friendship and really grow to have the feelings they do for each other. Avery is hesitant to be in a relationship, but Cam is just so incredible. They are best friends and they spend tons of time together. They even have a super cute Sunday ritual. With her broken past, they keep getting closer together only for her to push them apart again. I know it sounds like a back and forth thing, but it's not. It's very realistic and super emotional. I literally felt their joy and felt their pain. Their relationship is anything but easy, but that's how relationships are. They aren't all fluffy and happy all the time. They are work, but the hard times make you appreciate the good times more.The other characters were great too. I absolutely loved Brit and Jacob. They were amazing friends and so much fun. Jacob had me cracking up laughing in almost every scene he is in. They are a big part of Avery starting to settle in and feel comfortable in a new place. They are there for her no matter what and they really added a lot to the story.What I love best about Jennifer Armentrout's writing is her ability to bring out every emotion in you. She makes you laugh, cry, get angry, and feel like you could burst of happiness. When I finished this book I missed the characters. I want to know what they are doing now, like I would want to know what my real friends are doing. I want them to be happy. I want to know where their story goes. I want to know how Raphael is doing and what types of cookies Cam is baking lol!! After reading the last page of this book, I did feel complete, but also curious to what happens next. If you are a New Adult fan or a fan of Jennifer Armentrout's books, I highly recommend this. I think it's my favorite from her yet!!