Period 8

Period 8 - Chris Crutcher I am very into issue books, especially ones that have to do with bullying. I can't stand bullying and I think it's a great topic to tackle in books. I was really looking forward to reading this one, the good guy against the bully right? Nope, wrong. There is no bully really, just a psycho kid who wants power. He is actually really nice in a round-about way that is deceiving, but he isn't a bully. Anyways, the problem is, I went into this expecting one thing and got something totally different. I also didn't enjoy the way it was written either. It was pretty much all over the place switching from person to person so often that I felt like my head was spinning.I'm only going to touch on the characters a little because honestly, they did nothing for me. You have Paulie who is supposed to be the ultimate good guy, but yet he does something not so good that you find out about right away. So how are you supposed to go through the book thinking he's a good guy? Right, so now we have the teacher, Log who is close to retirement. He is a little too friendly with the kids. Like when a teenage girl shows up on your doorstep at midnight and you let her in to chat... ummm not okay. He runs period 8 which is lunch hour where they all have this big group therapy type thing going on or something. It's where they can go discuss anything and everything and it doesn't leave that room. Then there's Mary who disappears, then she's back like nothing happened and then gone again. She's obviously in some kind of trouble, but I could have cared less whether she was saved or not.So this is supposed to be a thriller, mystery, emotional thing right? Not so much. We know who the psycho kid is right off, Paulie's secret isn't really so secret, and all the other mystery stuff is made so obvious it's almost impossible to miss where it's going. We jump from person to person (in 3rd person POV no less) quite often so it's hard to really connect with the people or the story at all. Then there's also how crazy some of it is, Like some kids dad (stepdad?) is just going to show up guns blazing because these teenage kids say there is a conspiracy of some sort. Like the teacher is just going to jump head first into this situation that is totally way beyond dangerous and illegal. This book was just really kind of ridiculous to me. Now I feel like I was so negative with this, but I don't really know how else to put it. I can't say I would recommend this book to anyone.