Tempting the Best Man: A Gamble Brothers Novel (Entangled: Brazen)

Tempting the Best Man  - J. Lynn I devoured this book in under three hours!! I had no doubt in my mind that I was going to absolutely love it, but wow it was fantastic!! It was a perfect balance of humor, lust, romance, and tension. I knew once I started there was no putting this book down. Such a great storyline and some hot and steamy romance. So Madison's brother is getting married and of course she is the maid of honor. Who is the best man? Chase Gamble...Oh my friggin hotness!! She would rather anyone else be the best man except for him and oh, it gets worse. The winery apparently overbooked the cabins so guess who ends up having to share? Yup that's right. Madison and Chase end up in the old honeymoon suite that is way overdue on updating. We're talking heart shaped bed and all lol!! Besides that they keep getting stuck in these situations where the sexual tension is through the roof. You can practically feel their chemistry coming off of the pages. This is one smexy book. Madison is successful, pretty, and also has been in love with Chase for as long as she can remember. No other guy compares to him. They had a situation a few years back where she thought they would finally be what she wanted to be, but Chase pushed her away. Now feeling awkward, but still dying to be with Chase, she is really put off by the wedding weekend. She figures she can get through the weekend and things will be fine. Except there is no denying their attraction to each other. She isn't sure whether she should trust it or not. She doesn't want a repeat of the incident that happened before. I loved her character. I thought she was great. She's feisty, smart, and totally head over heels in love. Chase Gamble...oh yes, he is the hotness. Owns a bunch of night clubs, fancy cars, has great looks. What more could you ask for. Oh, and he's quite charming. ;) He is pretty much afraid of commitment. He likes to date, but doesn't like to get serious with anyone. His father was not the greatest role model and he thinks he is just like him. He is Madison's brother's best friend. They have been friends since they were kids. He always looked out for Madison and felt the need to protect her growing up. He is obviously attracted to her, but he doesn't think it would be okay to cross that line with her. He feels like that would betray his best friend and because of his own fear of being like his father. He thinks that he can ignore his growing desire for Madison, but thinking that is easier said than done. Oh those Gamble brothers. We don't really get to know them well, but we will. Jen has posted on her blog that there will be two more books in the Gamble Brothers series. You can see her post here. There is also a super hot pic of the Gamble brothers. *fans self* Anyways, we get to know them a little and they are pretty great too. I totally love the personalities we see from them. I am looking forward to more of them. Back to this review though. This was a very quick read that is full of tension, (OMG the tension was killing me at some points) romance, steaminess, and a few heart breaking moments. There are also a lot of those moments where you can't help but smile to yourself while you read. The characters are great to get to know, the story unfolded perfectly, and the steamy was just right. I didn't want this book to end, but as they say, all good things must come to an end. I am totally pining for more of the Gamble brothers.