Taste the Heat (Love and Games, #1)

Taste the Heat (Love and Games, #1) - Rachel  Harris Okay, so this review is probably going to consist of a lot of fangirling and spazziness!! If I didn't already love Rachel Harris before, I definitely would now. She is a one-click author for me. This book was awesome with a side of hot sauce!! I loved the family aspect, the self discovery and forgiveness, and the romance of course. This was so much more than a sweet and spicy romance though. I loved getting to know the characters, discover things about their pasts, and see them move toward their future. I didn't feel like I was reading a book, it was more like being in it and experiencing it along with all of them. I can say that this was a book that I truly got lost in!Colby was the type of female character I love. She is strong and driven, and knows what she wants out of life. She has determination, and has made a name for herself. She is in no way held back in life, except by her own emotions, and inability to let go of the past. No, not let go, accept and move on. That is the one thing that has a negative impact on her mind. Due to her past, she steers clear of men and relationships. A fling? Sure, why not. That is, unless it's with super hottie fireman, Jason, who also happens to be her long time childhood crush. She thinks they can keep it casual and then she will go back to the life she has created for herself over the past 12 years. She realizes that it's not that easy. It's not just Jason though. His daughter Emma has secured a place in her heart and Colby can't help but want to do what's best for everyone. She has her moments of weakness, and her insecurities get the best of her, but I loved her! She was the type of woman who even not in her situation, you can relate to her.Jason was super swoon worthy!! Oh, my this man!! Not only is he a sexy fireman, he can cook, and he is a fantastic dad. What can I say, I'm a sucker for a man who's little girl has him wrapped around her finger. His daughter is everything to him. In fact, she is so important that even though the last thing he wanted was marriage again, he would do it to have a steady female presence in her life. He doesn't think he could ever love again, but he is willing to do what he needs for Emma's happiness. That is until Colby comes back into the picture. He sees how broken she is being home and wants to help heal her from the past. He starts to fall for her, and he knows that Emma is falling for her too. He sets forth on a plan to try to win her over and convince her to stay! The things he does for her are so thoughtful and romantic that I was a puddle of goo! Jason is the icing on the cake!! Oh, man! I'm loving trying to put in these food references. I'm not good at it lol!!Romance, romance!! This romance is gradual and real. It also stems from a long time friendship, so even if it seems a bit quick, it makes sense. Colby and Jason grew up together and have known each other forever. Colby had a crush on Jason for years and years. They are comfortable around each other which makes it easy to build a meaningful relationship. They are both trying to avoid it for their own reasons, but they are so right for each other. Not just for each other, but for Emma and their families too. Jason's parents have been concerned for Emma and Jason too and it's a relief for them to see them both happy. There was so much more to this romance than just two people falling in love.I loved everything about this book. It was a contemporary with depth. It wasn't just a fluff romance with the typical drama. So many times in books we get the guy chasing the single mom, so it was nice to have a change. I liked that they both had there lives pretty much in order, but the other was the missing ingredient they didn't realize they needed. Full of charm, wonderful characters, and a great focus on family, this was one delicious read!! I can't wait for the next book in the series which will be Cane's! I'm sure I will devour that one too!! *An advanced copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any compensation.