Great Exploitations (Mischief in Miami, #1)

Great Exploitations (Mischief in Miami, #1) - Nicole  Williams This book was such a fun quick read. I thought that the whole premise of it was really interesting and I loved how it was done! I don't typically read revenge books, but this one sounded like one I would really like and it didn't let me down. The business of being hired to seduce someones husband to get around a pre-nup was so fun, but learning how the business actually works was even more so!The main character is what they call an Eve. We don't actually know her name because she changes her name and appearance for each job she goes on. She has to meet the requirements of the Target's taste in women down to the little details. For the purpose of this review I will refer to her as Sienna since that is the persona she takes on for this one. She is quite a fun character to get to know. She is very confident and knows just what to do to get any man to want her. She's not arrogant about it, it's just the way it is. She is trained well to do her job and she's the best at what she does. There's a lot of history that we only get little bits of, but I am looking forward to seeing it unravel and getting to know her better.This was a great book about kind of serving up justice for the wives of scumbag husbands. It may seem wrong that Sienna is seducing these men to sleep with her so their wives get money in the divorce, but they totally have it coming to them. What goes around comes around and they totally get what they deserve. I thought this was an entertaining read and I am definitely looking forward to reading more of this series. It sounds like it's going to get a whole lot more intense!!