Betwixt - Melissa Pearl I don't know if I was having a super sensitive day or what, but this book had my emotions pouring out. I would be smiling, then crying, then smiling again. This book was very heartbreaking, but also in the end uplifting. You have this gorgeous, popular girl who dying in the woods, and somehow her ghost or spirit is out of her body trying to find help. The only one who can hear her is someone who she has hurt in the past, but being the awesome person he is, he helps her. The only problem is that she doesn't really remember much so she has no clue where she could be. Time is of the essence to get to her before she dies, or the person who hit her comes back to kill her.Nicole was a character that took me a while to warm up to. Yeah, I felt bad that she was in the woods dying and no one knew where she was, but it wasn't until we start discovering her past and learning what others really think about her that I began to like her. At first glance she seems like the typical rich popular girl, but really she is a broken girl who puts up a front to protect herself. She doesn't want anyone too close to her. She seems confident and fun, but really she is suffering from guilt that she shouldn't have, depression, and wanting her family to be the way it once was. At first I wondered how her parents could let her get away with all she did. Then I discovered that it was their way of comforting her in a way. Instead of confronting the issues they have, they skirt around it and it leaves her more broken then ever. Now we move on to Dale. He has his own secrets that make him quite mysterious, but her is also kind, caring, and very selfless. He is a bit stubborn at times, but I don't blame him. He's not in the popular crowd, and has a scar on his face. He is pretty much the outcast. No one really knows what happened to him, but they all have their stories. He was really nice to Nicole at one point, but she insulted him in front of her friends since it wasn't socially okay to be seen talking to him. When he hears that Nicole is missing and then is able to hear her, he decides to help her because he is a good person. He goes out of his way to try and figure out where her body is and he is there to comfort her. He truly cares about her and it's so wonderfully sweet.I loved that Nicole was actually alive in the woods and her spirit would leave her body and then come back. She used the time she was in her body to try and remember things and try to figure out where she is so when her spirit leaves again she can tell Dale. Now we move on to the emotional parts. Since no one can see her, and she's not around as far as they know, she learns a lot of things. Her friends are not really as great as they seem, her boyfriend is a douche, and her parents are totally falling apart. I cried a number of times through this book, and even now thinking about it while writing my review I am getting teary eyed.This book was beautiful and emotional. The characters were well developed and I really cared what happened to them. I was emotionally invested in Nicole and Dale, but also in her parents. I liked that her parents were a big part of this. The parts with her parents were some of the most emotional for me. The suspense of hoping they would find her in time had me so tense and needing to keep going. By the end of this book I felt exhausted from all the feelings I was having, but it also left me with a smile on my face and tears on my cheeks.