Hushed - Kelley York This story was heart wrenching and emotional. The characters were written so well, and you could really be in their heads. I really felt for them and found my heart breaking sometimes. They are so complex and deep. It was really a tense, but good read. It's not typically the type of book I read, but the overview really pulled me in and made me interested in reading it. Archer is such a mentally broken person. You would think he should be the bad guy, but it's the exact opposite. He is actually a really good person, and you can't help but feel sorry for him. He has lived his whole life doing everything for Vivian, his best friend. He would do anything to protect her because he has always loved her. She has never wanted him as anything more than a friend. She walks all over him because she knows that no matter what he will always be there for her. That is until he meets Evan. Evan sees the good in Archer. He cares about him and likes him for who he is. Archer slowly realizes that Viv is messed up and knows that Evan is right about her. As soon as Viv knows that Archer is starting to not run to her every time she calls, she starts to get jealous of Evan. She becomes even more unstable, and scary. She will do anything not to lose Archer. Now that she knows that she isn't the object of his affection she becomes pretty psycho.I really liked how the relationship between Archer and Evan developed. Evan just wants to be there for Archer and make him happy. He tries to get him away from the messed up situation that his life has become. Archer feels better when he is around Evan. He can just hang out and be himself around him. It's very realistic how they progress into their relationship. This book is very emotionally charged. Archer and Viv are such messed up people. The difference is that Archer wants to be a good person, while Viv totally falls apart. This is a really touching story. I just wanted the best for Archer the whole time, and I felt myself hating Viv for what she does to him. I loved Evan. He was a sweet and caring character, and just what Archer needed. This book was really a pleasure to read.