Inbetween (Kissed by Death)

Inbetween - Tara A. Fuller I have been looking forward to this book for quite a while now and I have to say that it was worth the wait. I have been really enjoying "reaper" stories lately so this one was a must read for me. I loved the characters and the story. It was an easy read that kept me glued to the book. I wanted to know if things would work out, but I also didn't want it to end! It is told from both Finn and Emma's POV and I loved that. I am kind of a sucker for dual POV's. Finn is a great character. He is broken, but still extremely sweet and caring. He has such determination and is pretty reckless at times too, but his reasons are very good. He totally melted my heart. He is a reaper for the Inbetween and he is being punished for something that he did a long time ago. He fell in love with Allison and he did something that is very against reaper law. Now that Allison is back in the form of Emma he will do everything to protect her from Maeve who is out for revenge. I do have to say that Finn is pretty stupid for certain things that he did, and that he risked too much and put innocent people in danger, but he did it for love, so all has to be forgiven. I am totally a hopeless romantic! Oh, and did I mention that he is funny too?!I really liked Emma too. She is a little bit boring, but she has had a tough life. She lost her dad and now has all these freak accidents happen to her all the time. The only person who she ever really spends time with is her best friend Cash. Her mom isn't really very motherly. She is always on Emma to take her meds so she doesn't end up in the mental institution again. Emma knows that weird stuff happens, but she won't tell anyone, even Cash, out of fear of having to return to the Institution. Even she starts to doubt her sanity at some points. When she finally starts to get to know Finn, she realizes that she really does care about him. She is stupid at times though too. Like, if someone tells you to stay where you are, you don't run off to an empty bathroom by yourself. Really, I wanted to smack Emma around a few times and tell her not to be such a stupid girl!The relationship that forms between Finn and Emma is very sweet. I loved their interactions and was aching along with them since there is no way that they can be together. Finn is determined to protect her from Maeve, but he keeps getting more and more punishment as he pushes it too far with breaking the laws he is supposed to follow. He knows the consequences though and he still won't give up. The more he does to protect her, the more he is forced to be away from her, ultimately putting her in more danger. This book was full of suspense, action, and romance. The secondary characters are just as great as the main characters, the story flow is awesome, and the romance is slow building and really sweet. The way this book ended was fantastic! There is a bit of a twist thrown in. It left me wanting more, but not dying in agony with a huge cliffhanger. It ended in a perfect way to go into the next book in the series! I can't wait to get back into this world!!