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The Goddess Legacy - Aimee Carter I have been really enjoying this series so I was excited to read this. It's a collection of novella's about the gods and goddesses and I think it's a wonderful addition to the series. I loved getting to know why they are the way they are, how they came to get their names, and learn some of the things that happened in the past.The first story is about Calliope. (Hera) I have not been a big fan of her in the series, and I can't say that I like her any more after hearing her story, but I am sympathetic to her feelings. Having a husband who repeatedly cheats on you and has numerous other children with others can make anyone feel pretty horrible, but it doesn't excuse her behavior at all. I couldn't believe the things she would really do for revenge and to get what she wants. Though she was faithful, she was no better than Zeus. (Walter)The next story is Ava's (Aphrodite) who I didn't care for very much either, and now I like her even less. I understand that she is the goddess of love, but the fact that she pretty much just sleeps around with everyone is horrible. At first I felt a little bad for her about her arranged marriage, but then as we get further into the book I start to despise her and think she is horrible and selfish.Persephone to me is manipulative and selfish too. She is another one who I was really sympathetic to and felt bad for, but the more the story went on, the more I didn't like her. I get that she was sad and lonely, and no one was helping her out of her situation, but I still just thought she was awful for hurting people the way she did.I really enjoyed James's (Hermes) story. I don't agree with all the things he did, but I felt that he was treated very unfairly about a lot of it. I think of all of the gods and goddesses, he is one of the best ones. He isn't manipulative and selfish. He really cares for his brothers and sisters, and besides that, he understands what the humans mean to their survival. He cares for the humans like the other gods and goddesses don't. He understands the balance that they have and need for existence. Without the humans, they would fade. James has more compassion than all of them and I really enjoyed learning his back story.The last of the novella's is Henry's. (Hade's) I have grown to love him so much reading this series even with how much he had aggravated me at times. Now that I have a much better understanding of him and what happened in his past I totally get why he acts that way. I wish he would just stop acting like such a tool sometimes, but he has been tortured for eons so I get it. My heart was really breaking for him reading this story.If you are a fan of the Goddess Test series, this book is a must have. It was so great getting to read about the gods and goddesses lives going back eons and eons. It really helped to get a better understanding of them. I don't think that this is necessary to read at all, but it was really enjoyable. If you can't wait for more of this series, this is a great way to help hold you over until the next book comes out.