The Goddess Hunt (Goddess Test, #1.5)

The Goddess Hunt - Aimee Carter I really enjoyed The Goddess Test, so when I saw the novella I had to have it. I love that it takes place when she is on her six month leave from the Estate. It goes back and forth between Kate and Henry, and I like to see how they have both changed in the short time they have known each other. Completely in a good way though. I still am not sure what I think about James. He is nice, but he bothers me a little. Kate and James happen to come across Castor and Pollux, who none of the gods or goddesses have been able to hunt down in centuries. It's not exactly by mistake though we learn. I liked the little bit we got to know about them. I am really hoping we get to learn more about them. We also get to see a different side of Kate which I totally love. She has such determination and will not back down. I think her strength is incredible and honestly I love the tough chick side of her. She is absolutely hilarious when she is mad too.I adore Henry even more after reading this novella too. He is very caring and puts Kate's feelings before his, even knowing he is making other council members angry to do it. He really cares about Kate and it's really sweet. He is willing to do what he has to to keep her happy. It's almost a little sad really. I have a lot of respect for him though, and I can't wait to see them back together after her sabbatical. This was a great novella to bridge the gap between The Goddess Test and Goddess interrupted, and has me even more excited to dive into Goddess Interrupted now. I can tell Kate is going to grow so much, and I am curious to see how things go.