Destined (Laurel Series #4)

Destined - Aprilynne Pike This book is the final one in the Wings series and it was absolutely fantastic!! Almost right from the start we are thrown into the action. Emotions are running high, trolls are running wild, and Avalon is at stake. Laurel is still struggling to make the choice between David and Tamani, but with all of the fairy realm at risk there is not much time to think about that. This book had me on the edge of my seat!! I was completely sucked back into the story and did not want to come out! The characters are still just as great and the story had me pumped up on an adrenaline rush.The whole situation with Yuki gets very tense and complicated. It's a bit sad at times because you do get to see Yuki's vulnerability. You can't help but feel a bit sorry for her. Chelsea and David are big parts in this book too. I know that they have always played a role in the series, but they really step up in this one. In fact this book is totally David's. Yes Laurel is trying to do what she can to save Avalon and so is Tamani, but David is front and center in this one!! I love David, so it's nice to see him the way he is in this book. I know that is really vague, but I am trying to keep this spoiler free.Even though this final installment is packed full of action, don't think there isn't still some romance and heart wrenching moments. For me this book was going to break my heart either way. I love both David and Tamani so whoever Laurel would choose to be with would leave me wounded. This is a love triangle done right! I don't typically like love triangles, but some are just done so well that you totally understand them. This is one of those. And as if the heartbreak wasn't enough, Aprilynne Pike also has put a letter at the end of the book that had me aching as my heart constricted in my chest.I can't really say much about this book with it being the 4th one and all, so I will just tell you how amazing it was. This book was a fantastic conclusion to a fantastic series! It will keep you turning pages until you are finished. The action is incredible, the characters are just as awesome as they have been previously, and of course you need to know the outcome of everything. Will they be able to save Avalon? Who will Laurel choose to be with? Will everyone survive this? This series was so great, and as sad as I am that it is over, I can't say enough how well it was all wrapped up. To me it couldn't have been any better, especially with the letter at the end.