MILA 2.0

MILA 2.0 - Okay, first off this cover totally rocks! Second, she is an android!! There need to be more android books. No, there need to be more awesome android books like this. It is a fine line to walk when trying to make androids seem humanized and actually getting it right. Debra Driza has done a fabulous job at it. This book was action packed and so fun. I know that it seems that everyone is saying it's a fun book, but it's so true!! It is separated into parts and to me, each one got more intense, more interesting, and more heart pumping!!Mila starts off thinking she's just a regular girl who lost her dad in a fire. Her and her mother have moved and she's at a new school. She just kind of accepts that she lost a lot of memories and just wants to fit in. When she finds out that she's an android she is appalled by it. She doesn't want to believe it, she fights it. She wants nothing more than to just be human. She doesn't understand how her emotions can be so real if she is nothing but wires and programming. I really loved that about her. She felt so human to read about, but she had the super awesome android functions like internal GPS, a memory card slot (hidden of course), super fighting skills, and the ability to project files and images. She was created to be a military weapon, but that is the last thing she wants. Now that people are searching for her and her "mother" they are on the run and things are intense. She really embraces both the human side of herself and the android and finds that together, they might be a better weapon than expected.This is broken into parts which I found really cool. The first part was pretty slow, but I see that it was necessary. The first part we see how she interacts with Kaylee and Hunter, and even though they are out of the picture pretty quick, we needed to know that she thought she was human. She felt real emotions. That's what makes things difficult for her after that. She is clinging to her humanity and it's hard to let the android in. I think that the first part could have been a bit shorter, but that's okay, once we get into the other parts it was pretty much non stop. Each part amps up the the story and it's almost non stop and fast paced for the rest of the book.Overall this was a really awesome book. At almost 500 pages, I was a bit hesitant to want to read it, but it was really an entertaining read. It's just one of those books that is so thrilling and great that it leaves you with a giddy feeling after you're finished. It's like a fantastic action movie on paper and I can't wait to see what happens next. My only other complaint besides the slow first part was Hunter. They went on one date before she has to go on the run, then he's pretty much out of the picture until the end, and then he's back in it again. I think there's something more with him though, so I will let it slide. I hope he's not one of the bad guys, but it seems odd that he will drop everything for a girl he barely knows, who happens to be in trouble.I have my theories about that whole thing though. Anyways this was really a great book and I recommend it to everyone.