Going Under

Going Under - Georgia Cates Where to start? This book was really fantastic! At first I was a bit put off by Jessie's and Claire's behavior, but I soon started to love them both! I do have a hard time with one thing though, cheating... it is never okay to me and it's a shame to keep seeing it more and more in books. I know that it happens and it's realistic, but I just don't like it. Whether it's physical or emotional it is wrong. That being said, I did fall in love with this book despite the less than honorable intentions of both of them.Claire seems like little miss perfect on the surface, but underneath there is a lot more depth to her. Not saying that she doesn't have things pretty easy, but it doesn't mean that she doesn't have some deep rooted emotional stuff going on in her head. I didn't necessarily like her at first because I saw the exterior that everyone else did, rich family, popular, cheerleader who is dating the now former starting quarterback, oh, and she is super smart too. But as I got to know her more, I get over all of that. I see that she is just a normal girl under all of that who is afraid to let her parents down, afraid to let her friends down, and more than that, afraid to be who she wants to be. Besides all of that, when she finally does break down her own wall, she is full of fierce determination and won't give in or give up what she wants. The growth I saw in her from beginning to end was fabulous!Jessie is one of those characters who you want to roll your eyes at. That is until you fall head over heels in love. This is one majorly broken guy. He has been dealt a crap hand in life, but he still pushes on. He is set on making something of himself no matter how he was brought up and what he is going through. Yes, he does some really stupid things, but most of them are for a good reason. I understood why he was that way. To everyone around him, he is the new poor kid who they don't feel deserves the time of day. They all see him as scum with the exception of a few people. He doesn't really care what people think though. He just wants to get his football scholarship and go to college. That is until Claire. What starts off as a game to him makes him start to feel things he doesn't want. The last thing he needs is to fall for Claire, especially with the things that are going on in his personal life. He has secrets he needs to keep hidden, but that may prove difficult with Claire.This is told from alternating POV's so we get to know both Claire and Jessie well. They couldn't be more different at first appearance, but it's surprising how much they actually do have in common. Their chemistry is off the charts and I loved seeing them interact. While they are both playing each other they also start to realize it's not a game. I also loved getting both of their POV"s of Payton. She is one fab chick!! I loved that girl and I can't wait to read more about her in Shallow. She is brutally honest and super hilarious. This is a very character driven book which I love, but there is also an amazing story.So a book that I wasn't sure about to start ended being a book I totally loved. I grew attached to the characters and was so engaged in the story that I didn't want it to end. This book had so much emotion in it, I couldn't tear myself away. This is exactly what I look for in a book. Something that takes a hold of me and won't let me go. A wonderful story and characters that make me feel their emotions all the way to my core. I now want to read everything that Georgia Cates writes.