Beg for Mercy (Cambion, #1)

Beg for Mercy (Cambion, #1) - Shannon Dermott This book totally took me by surprise. I mean, it has a gorgeous cover and the overview sounded really awesome, but this book was so much more!! So we know we have a girl who has the ability to kill with a kiss, but there are so many other aspects to this story that had me totally hooked. There is a lot of paranormal going on in this book, but not so much it's overwhelming. Then we have complicated romance, (And let me tell you, that is an understatement.) and a good mystery.So we have Mercy who is the main character and really as much as I wanted to smack her sometimes, I loved her. She makes a lot of dumb choices, but she's a teenager so she's supposed to. She can be whiny, emotional, and totally oblivious, but she's also really smart. I got mad at her for seemingly leading on a whole bunch of people, but I kinda get that she's not really totally in control. I can't say anymore without spoiling anything though. Okay so then there's the whole romance thing. I can't even really call it a love triangle because chick has like four guys or more that are totally into her and she get's all freaking mixed up in all her feelings even though she is certain that she is in love with a certain one. It's not as confusing as I am making it sound. Well, maybe a little, but for real it was great. I wanted to be like, "Dude, Luke is so awesome to you why are you all hot for Flynn?" Then I'm all #TeamFlynn. Then I want to be like, "Paul was there for you from the beginning, he is so deserving of you!" Then not. Next, "Sebastian is uber creepy!! Tell yourself to take a cold shower chick!!" Seriously I was all over the place. I loved Luke so much, but when it became apparent he wasn't telling her something I started to not love him as much, but it also seemed like he wanted to, so I was torn. Then Flynn lets the real him start to show and I adored him. Like wanted everyone else out of the picture. Let me tell you, what a romance circle thingy going on!!You're now wondering about the story I'm sure. Yes, it was a fantastic story. Mercy goes through so much as does everyone else too. I was constantly thinking, I knew what was coming, but I really only had it right half the time and even then it was still so good that it didn't matter if I knew. Then there is the mystery too and seriously I had no clue about the outcome of that. The characters were all really well done and I became invested in not only the story, but them too. I can't even really say anything about this except you should so read this. I thought it was a bit on the long side and some stuff was a bit unnecessary in it, but I enjoyed this book a lot. Review coming soon.