Burn Mark

Burn Mark - Laura Powell I like books about witches, so this book caught my interest. It was an interesting book, but for some reason, I just found it really hard to get into. I liked it, but it wasn't a book that really sucked me in and held me there. The characters are okay, but I never felt really connected to them. The descriptions of the setting were very in depth, so it was easy to imagine the places they are. The pace is a bit slow, but there is a lot of information that you get, so it's not like the slow pace is boring. I found the idea of the fae being their witch power quite interesting and as with "faeries" iron inhibits their powers. The book goes back and forth between Glory and Lucas's POV and on occasion their were brief moments of another one in there.Glory is from a family of witches. She is expected to get her Fae, and they think she will get it early. Most don't get it until their 20's, but they younger you are when you do, the more powerful you are. I don't really know what to say about her character. She pretty much just wants to get her Fae, it's what she lives for. She is also a little on the prissy side, at least that is how she came across to me. She has grown up with her witch coven and they have mostly avoided being detected as having the Fae. If you are discovered to be a witch they make you wear iron bracelets to contain your magic. They still burn witches for "witch crimes" so it's best to go undetected. Her mother disappeared when she was just a child. She lives with her father, but her great aunt is more like her parent figure. Lucas lives with his father, step mother, and step sister. His father is the High Inquisitor as was his father, and his grandfather, and so on back for generations. Lucas has always thought that he would one day be High Inquisitor too, but when he gets the Fae all that changes. He will no longer be able to and even his father will have to resign since his son is now a witch. Lucas is shocked to find out he is a witch. His father traced his wife's history to make sure there were no witches in the family. It's not common for people with "pure" bloodlines to get the Fae. Lucas ends up working an inside the coven to try to get information about a certain case. He is undercover though, so they don't know that he is the Inquisitors son. They are trying to keep that a secret until after the case is over. Things get a bit complicated of course, because nothing can be easy. Lucas and Glory have to somewhat work together, but no one except her aunt knows she has gotten her Fae yet, so she is limited to what she can do to help. The Wednesday coven will want her the second they find out she has her Fae because they know she will be powerful. Lucas is also very powerful. Them both being 15 and getting their Fae, they are young for it. Glory works her magic to get through Lucas's disguise and figures out who he really is. That isn't the only secret though. There are plenty of others we discover as this story progresses. Since I didn't really have a connection with the characters, the secrets didn't have much of an impact on me. Overall I think this was a good book. I had a bit of a hard time with it, but I think perhaps at a different time I may have enjoyed it more. I found some things to be a bit over described, and then other things not quite explained enough. I also think it was a pretty long, and a lot of it wasn't necessary to the overall story and could have been left out. This was an interesting take on witchcraft and how it plays out in the world when they are allowed to live amongst non-witches. They are registered as a witch and have certain rules they must follow. It all seems rather political too, besides with the Inquisitors and such, with the covens. I know I haven't really gone into much about the book, but I honestly don't know what to say. I was expecting more out of this and it just left me feeling a little meh about it. I do think that is a book that a lot of other people would enjoy, but to me it just didn't hit the mark.