Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices, #3)

Clockwork Princess  - Cassandra Clare This is one of those books that is so hard to review. I do not want to say anything about the actual events in the book because I know that I avoided any reviews or mentions of this book like the plague until I could finish it myself out of fear of hearing anything about it. I can probably say this is my favorite book of the year so far and it's going to be mighty hard to top!! I have loved this series since the first book and it was bittersweet going into this, but it was so amazing and honestly ended perfectly for me!!I don't know that I have ever felt so much while reading a book. This book had my emotions on overdrive to the point I would be bawling my eyes out while smiling at the same time. I physically hurt at times reading this and it took me a long time, even for me to get through the book because it was actually too hard to continue at some points. That is all due to how invested in the story and the characters I have become through this series. I knew there would be tears, lots of them. I didn't know how utterly broken and put back together I would be over and over again. I was so nervous about where this book would go and how it would end, and all I will say about that is, it was so amazing what Cassandra Clare has done with this. Even though I was broken to pieces and could feel my heart constricting, I can say this was amazing and beautiful and she has ended the series in such a way that I think it will make everyone happy.Now onto the audio aspect of it. This was a fantastic audiobook. Daniel Sharman does a great job at putting the feeling into the characters and making them each distinct so you never question who is supposed to be talking at any time. He is flawless at switching back and forth with the accents and made me really feel the atmosphere and settings. The other benefit of the audio is that when the tears were streaming down my face and there would have been no way to continue reading through my tears, I could still listen while I sobbed. If you want the full experience of this book, I highly suggest listening to the audiobook. Don't forget the tissues! This will take you for an emotional ride that will leave a mark in your heart and stay with you!