Anya's Ghost

Anya's Ghost - Vera Brosgol I won a copy of this from Goodreads. This is my first time reviewing a graphic novel. This was a fun quick read. Anya feels like an outsider and has done everything she can to try to fit in, but no matter what she still doesn't. That is until she falls down a well and meets the ghost of Emily. At first she wants to put Emily back in the well, but then she feels a little bad, and realizes that she is helpful. Emily helps Anya to fit in a little better and things seem great, but then something that Anya discovers changes everything.This was a great story that talks about real life insecurities that a lot of people go through. Not fitting in, feeling like you are overweight, having a crush on a boy who you think will never give you a second glace, friendship, and overcoming your fears. The illustrations just make this book so much better. I love how it has a little bit of purple to the black and white also. It really lends to the little bit of creepiness in the story.I think this is a great story for teens and adults. It's fun, creepy, and yes, does help to teach you a good life lesson. The illustrations really keep you absorbed in the book. If you are looking for a fast entertaining read, then you will enjoy this book. I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.