Pretty in Black

Pretty In Black - Rae Hachton This book is fast paced and dark. The first half starts off from Ellie's POV. She is depressed and doesn't want to live. Her sister was murdered, her parents are divorced, and she has left behind her popular happy life for one of loneliness. She has pushed all of her friends away and her old life is just a shadow. The second part of the book is from Marcus's POV. It skips over a lot, but it is nice to see things from his perspective too. We get to know him much better too.Ellie is attracted to this mystery boy Marcus. She really starts off with a spunky attitude towards him that I really like. I wish we had gotten to know her a little better though. The story moves so quickly that I feel like it skips over so much. I wish we had gotten to know her history a bit. We know she was a cheerleader, and really good at it, we know that her dad left and she now lives in a scummy trailer with her mom and her boyfriend, and she had pretty crappy friends, but we don't get to know much more about all of that. Then all of the sudden she is approached by some weird person telling her she is a chosen one and it is her job to kill the "monsters". There is nothing really explaining how or why she is a chosen one or the background of them at all. Oh, then the insta love thing. I know that a lot of books have it, and occasionally I am okay with it. This time, not really so much, only because there is no real explanation. Marcus has been waiting for 119 years to find love, and Ellie is this chosen one who is supposed to be his enemy, but somehow they just almost instantly fall in love. Well, Marcus is instantly in love, Ellie fights it for a tiny bit. There is no specific reason stated that they should have some special bond, or nothing that happened that bound them to each other. Maybe Ellie is just so torn apart about everything and there is finally someone who cares so she attaches herself to him, but the whole absolutely in love with each other, will do anything to be together thing seems a bit too much to me. I do like Marcus. I think he is a great character. There is a lot of depth to him actually. I know that this book doesn't touch too much on it, but you get glimpses and you want to know more. He does come across as a bit of a stalker, but I suppose when you have been waiting for love for that long and you find it, you don't want to let it slip away. He is quite charming though and I can see how it was easy for Ellie to fall for him. I just still think it was a bit too fast. Overall this was a dark and tragic romance. I mean Marcus being dead and all, and forbidden to be with a human, especially Ellie since they are supposed to kill each other. Even with the fast pace, and unbelievable insta love, I really did like the characters. I thought that the way they felt and their emotions were written very well. I liked getting the story from both of them, though Marcus's was very short and jumped forward through a lot of it. It feels like there was a lot packed into this one book. I read it in one sitting. The way it ended leaves you wanting more. I am looking forward to where the story goes from here. I can't say that I loved this book because it felt rushed to me, but I did really enjoy it.