A Spark Unseen

A Spark Unseen - Sharon Cameron *Actual rating 3.5 starsI really enjoyed the first book and was excited to jump right back into the story of Katherine and her Uncle Tully! The way the first one ended could have very well made it a stand alone book, but I am glad that the author decided to continue the story. This time we are off to Paris, and the setting is fabulous. I already loved the characters, so all I needed was more adventure, more beautiful descriptive writing, and a good resolution to the issue at hand. I got all of that from this book as well as a touch of romance that I am always happy to read!!Katharine has now been at Stranwyne Keep for 2 years. Things are slowly being rebuilt, but then someone comes to try and take her Uncle Tully and she knows they must hide. She puts together a plan and escapes to Paris with her uncle, her maid Mary, and her Solicitor Mr. Babcock. Only things are much harder than she anticipates. She is also determined to find Lane while still trying to keep her uncle safe and hidden away. I do believe that she is a little too easy to trust others, but I can understand her urgent need. The thing that I loved about her in the first one was the same thing I loved in this one though. She is very outspoken and she is brave and determined. She is a fantastic example of strong women back in her time! She doesn't let others tell her what to do, what to think, or how she should feel. She is very much her own person. And when things go bad, she could easily have just fallen apart, but it just made her determination stronger.Of course there is much more at stake here than her uncle's safety. Both sides of a war want him for his brilliant mind and will do whatever it takes to get him. They will kidnap, torture, or kill people who get in their way. They both want the power of a weapon that can destroy a ship. Uncle Tully is only safe as long as they don't know how to do it and need him though. I still absolutely loved him in this, and I loved how you could see that Katharine helped him be better.Once again, the setting is beautiful, creepy, and atmospheric. I enjoy being able to imagine what I am reading and this author does such a fantastic job at letting you visualize it. She is also amazing at getting the characters emotions to you. Especially the fear and the urgency of things. There are some great twists, which admittedly I pretty much had figured out, but still made for a great story. I loved how the romance plays a big part, but never overshadows the important things in the story. Mostly, the character development is incredible. I loved the whole cast of characters, even the unexpected ones that I thought I would dislike. Sharon Cameron has done a fabulous job. I am now solidly a fan of her writing!*An advanced copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any compensation.