Hemlock - I admit the first thing that drew me to this book was the cover. I mean look at it, it's absolutely gorgeous! Then after reading the synopsis it was a must read for me. I like that it is original. People actually know about werewolves because it's caused by a virus. I loved trying to figure out the mystery along with Mac. I have to say that I did figure it out a little early on, but even with figuring out who, there was still a bit of a shocking twist to it. I loved the romance aspect, the character interactions, and the wonderful plot! This was a solid debut and a fantastic start of a series. Mac is the main character. I really liked her. She has had a pretty rough upbringing which makes her a strong, but very emotionally fragile character. With how she has been brought up, her best friend being murdered by a werewolf, and all the other secrets she uncovers, I would say she holds it together way better than I could have. I like the depth she has to her. She is not one to just sit back and let stuff happen, she wants to make a difference. She is very caring and she will do anything for her friends. She is a bit impulsive and makes some stupid decisions, but that's expected. She is a teenager after all. For the most part she is actually pretty smart. Kyle and Jason are both really great characters too. They are very different. Jason is the rich privileged kid who is super good looking, but he is also a very broken and self destructive character. He is not a strong character to begin with, but he finds his strength through the book. I loved watching him change. Kyle is just so sweet and awesome, but the secrets he has really eat away at him. He is struggling too. Mac really kind of keeps both of them somewhat held together. Of course there is a bit of a love triangle, but surprisingly it didn't bother me. I actually had a hard time myself trying to think who would be better for Mac. I really, really see good in both Jason and Kyle and I want them to all be happy. I think honestly I really like Kyle just a bit more for Mac, but I think Jason is a fantastic person too. He just needs a little TLC. This book was fast paced, with mystery, romance, twists, and heartbreak. I loved getting to know the characters, and going through the events that occurred with them. I was so completely sucked into the story that I found myself reading into the wee hours of the morning. (I'm talking almost 2am and for me that is crazy. I normally go to bed pretty early.) I just had to keep going to see what happened next. When a book keeps me up reading you know it's good!! I can't wait to see what happens next in this series!! Review coming soon!