The Diviners

The Diviners - Libba Bray *Actual rating is 4.5 starsWhen I first heard of this book I wanted to read it. I love the time period, I love the setting, and then add in mysterious powers, and a murder mystery... Heck yeah!! I was so excited when this showed up in the mail, but also totally intimidated by the size of it. I mean this baby is like a major workout session to read! Pushing that aside, it was absolutely amazing! To be honest, at the end of this book I still wasn't ready for it to end. I wanted more!! This book had me totally intrigued from the beginning and I became so invested in all of the characters and the story! It was chilling, and creepy, but so fantastic. The whole atmosphere of it made me feel like a was experiencing it. It is such a fascinating time period to me and adding in the paranormal elements was a total win!!Evie is the main character though it follows a few of the different characters through the book. She is a smart ass, spunky, and really fun. At the same time she is also very self-centered, a bit brash, and can get on your nerves at times. I loved all of that about her. Even not being the most likable type of character, I really enjoyed her a lot. She did have a lot of growth throughout the book, but she never does lose that part of her that is a bit full of herself. She really just wants to make something of herself and she lets it cloud her judgement sometimes.There are little bits of romance here and there, but it doesn't ever take over the story and I was so glad for that. More than the romance and stuff though, was getting to know so many of the characters so well. Every character in the book was important, and we get to learn about them all. We know about Memphis and his family history. Theta is one of my favorites and it breaks my heart what we learn about her past. Jericho took a while to grow on me, but in the end I really loved him and understood why he acted the way he did. Will is still quite a mystery to me, but that makes me even more excited for more of this story!This book was creepy!! It was just the whole vibe of it all. Even when nothing that seems really scary is happening, you just have that feeling. I kept getting those shivers up my spine. I thought the greatest thing about this was that we have a whole bunch of different perspectives that we are reading that eventually all come together. As the mystery is pieced together, the characters lives start to intertwine. This was such a fantastically written book. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves ghost stories, special abilities, or this time period. I was expecting this would be a good book, but what I got was amazing!!