First Kiss (A Heavy Influence Novel, #1) - Ann Marie Frohoff * Actual rating 3.5 stars.After reading Skid Out a few months back, I was really excited for First Kiss! We get introduced to some of the characters, and I couldn't wait to know more about Alysa. Something to note, Skid Out is actually Part 1 of this book, so if you have read it, you can skip it, or use it as a good refresher. I thought this was a little on the long side, and I was a bit put off by some of the derogatory terms and words used, but I did really enjoy the story! It's written in multi POV, thought I thought of it as more of Dual POV since we only get Rachel's a few times.Alyssa is young at only fourteen years old, and when Jake starts to notice her, she starts to realize that she likes him. Being so young, she's not allowed to date and so she has to sneak around to hang out with him. I loved how honest she was about most things. If she had a question or if she was feeling something, she didn't hold back. On the other hand, she was so hypocritical about things. Like she didn't know how it could work if his mom didn't like her, yet she's not even allowed to date and has to hide it from her parents. Or she gets mad when girls are hanging around him, especially Rachel, but she hangs out with Mike and hides it when she knows that Jake hates him. I had to constantly remind myself that she was only fourteen though, and we all are immature and make stupid decisions and mistakes at that age.Jake was really sweet and awesome to Alyssa. It seemed that everyone was constantly judging him as a player since he's in a band. He is different around Alyssa though. He doesn't know what it is about her, but she makes him feel like his life if somewhat normal. She's open and honest with him and he feels at ease. He doesn't have to pretend to be the "cool guy" around her. He's got a lot going on with the band, and his family, and then add Alyssa to things and he's kind of a mess. I really liked him for most of the book, but honestly towards the end I started to dislike him. It was like he decided to be the stereotype that everyone has set him as. I did really love how protective and passionate he was about Alyssa, but his own personal demons just pull him down.The romance was believable to me. I liked that he and Alyssa had a history. Yes, it seemed like they fell for each other quick, but they took things slow. He just really wanted to make sure she was happy and never would push her to do anything she didn't want. I loved that they were so at ease around each other, but I hated that they had to sneak around. Then when things get bad and their parents are involved that's when things really got intense. I really think that if the parents had not been so harsh about keeping them apart and let them be (to an extent) that things would not have spiraled so out of control. I really wanted them to work out so badly. I wasn't fully invested in their relationship mostly due to Aly being a little too friendly with Mike, and Jake messing up a few times, but by the end of the book I started to feel the emotions that I wanted to feel throughout the book for them.This was really great! With the exception on some of the characters gay bashing, people calling each other the "R" word, and some slut shaming, I really liked the story and characters. I understand that teenagers, especially when drinking and stuff, will be mean and that they do say things like that, but it makes me really sad and angry. As I mentioned before, it was a little on the long side too, but I really felt like I got to know all of the characters well. I am really curious to where things are going to go now since things still are a little messy and unresolved. Overall, I enjoyed this and am looking forward to more from this author!* An advanced copy was provided by the tour host for an honest review. I did not receive any compensation.