Wallbanger  - Alice Clayton, Heather Smith After hearing from a few blogger friends how hilarious and great this book was, I was really looking forward to listen to the audiobook of it. It was just as fun as I thought it would be, but also had a greater story than I imagined it would. Not only was it laugh out loud funny, but it was really sweet too. I really came to like the characters a lot. Not just Caroline and Simon, but all of them. I wanted to get to know all of them! But besides that, you would assume that this book is all about sex by the cover and synopsis, but it's really not. In fact, I was actually surprised by how little actual sex was in the book. Instead, it was a great story about getting to know each other and getting to know themselves along the way.Caroline was an incredibly fun character. She is successful, smart, has awesome friends, has a kickass cat, and is in general pretty happy with her life. One exception is her missing "O". That's right, she has lost her orgasm. Now in a new apartment, she finds out the first night that her neighbor has some pretty amazing sex. Proof being that his "Wallbanging" knocks a picture off her wall! Not only that, but his partners are all quite entertaining with their vocals. Caroline has a funny nickname for each of them! The best thing about Caroline was her inner dialogue. OMG she was so funny. She gets really irritated by Simon at first, but they finally make a truce and she finds that she likes spending time with him and getting to know him. I love that she was a very strong and independent woman, and she wasn't going to just fall at his feet like every other girl. If she was going to have him, she would be the only one.Simon was awesome!! He is charming, funny, sexy, and also has a broken side to him that he keeps hidden. It's in no way some super secret thing or anything, but it was really great to see him slowly figure out himself while trying to figure out Caroline. He was my favorite character I think. He was honest and up front about things, but he wasn't really into talking about personal things. He does eventually open up and I loved seeing him really let someone in. He was so different with Caroline than he seemed around everyone else. You could tell he really cared about her way before she could actually tell.The chemistry between them is great. You knew they were great for each other, but they both kept it strictly friends. It was so fun to see them go from pretty much hating each other, to tolerating each other, to a growing friendship and spending time together. Movie nights, cooking together, just hanging out. They fell into such a comfortable and routine companionship that it was so obvious that they were falling for each other, and only they couldn't see it. It was a nice change to have a slow build up since so many books are insta love now. Them getting to know each other made the story so great!!I listened to the audio and I have to say that the narrator was really great at putting the emotion into the book. She really brought Caroline to life. If she was angry, sad, happy, whatever, you knew. He doing the male voice was pretty good too. I find that it's a lot easier for male narrators to do a female voice, than a female trying to do a male voice so I tend to not be too bothered by that. The only bad thing about the narrator being so into the reading was the steamy scenes. She gets very into the moaning and groaning, and it made me feel a little awkward listening to it. It felt like I was intruding on something personal lol!! Luckily there aren't all that many scenes like that so there was a minimum to my blushing. The rest of the book was made better by how much the narrator really got into it though. I have put her on my list of awesome narrators.This book was a perfect mix of steamy and hilarious. I found myself literally laughing out loud at some points. (and getting some really weird looks). It was fun and entertaining and I didn't want to put it down. This book did really great in both the plot and character development. I found myself lost in the book and feeling like these were people I actually knew and hung out with! I cared about the outcome of their situations and I wanted them to be happy. I love when a book can really suck me in like that, and this one sure did! Bonus points also because we get a chapter from her cat which was super fun!!* A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for an honest review. I did not receive any compensation.