Death Comes Home (In Darkness We Must Abide, #1) - Rhiannon Frater In this first episode we meet the main character Vanora, and her older siblings Roman and Alisha. Vanora is albino which sets her apart from others. Her brother Roman has been taking care of her since their parents died. He is like a father/brother. He is very dedicated to family.They have just brought the bodies of long dead family members to their estate to keep in the mausoleum built on the land. Both Alisha and Vanora have a special ability "the sight" which they inherited from their mother, and they know that something is not right with one of the coffins. Sure enough their fears are confirmed when a vampire tries to get into their house.I was totally creeped out by the whole atmosphere and the feel that I got from reading this. Though not very long, Rhiannon Frater has a way of immersing you in her writing and instantly makes you care what happens to the characters. I quickly became invested in them and needed to know what would happen. I also really loved how the episode starts off with Vanora grown up and away at college, then goes to the events that started everything. I could see it all very clearly in my head, just like watching an episode of one of my favorite shows on TV.